“Flaumur is the king in the stable” – says Nils Christian Larsen his new trainer!

The world champion finalist Flaumur frá Sólvangi has now arrived in Herning in Denmark and is trained by the Norwegian Nils Christian Larsen.
We interviewed Nils Christian and asked how things are going with him and Flaumur, what is ahead and how Flaumur is doing in his new home.
“Flaumur frá Sólvangi is the king in the stable”, says Nils Christian. “He is such a great character and of course has the biggest box in the stable. Flaumur has such a great character, beautiful stallion with good quality. The trip abroad and the World Cup have had a very good impact on him and he is top shape.” Nils Christian says that their goal is World Cup in Herning 2021. “The training is going well and we are getting to know each other better and better. Flaumur is extremely well trained by Árni Björn Pálsson”, says Nils Christian. Nils Christian and Flaumur will probably compete at the Icehorse Festival in Herning in early April next year.
We wish Nils Christian and Flaumur good luck in the future!

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