World Cup in Berlin – Judges of 5 year old mare and stallions.

Talent judgments of 5-year-old mares and stallions. This evening conformation for 5-year-old mares and stallions were held.

Sabina frá Fosson – Norway’s representative stands at the top of the 5 year old mares after finishing conformation and talents. Sabina is from Herjólfi from Ragheiðarstöðum and Skjóðu frá Selfoss and received a total score of 8.08. In the spring, this mare was shown as a fourgate mare and received 8.33.

In the category of five-year-old mare, Mjallhvít frá Þverholtum showed by Þórður Þorgeirsson the representative of Iceland. She is from Eld frá Torfunesi and Mjöll frá Eyrabakka.

Mjallhvít got a breeding judgment at the tournament overall score of 8.05 but this spring it went to 8.30 and has therefore dropped significantly from the previous judgement.

In the category of 5 year old stallions stands Kolgrímur Grímson frá Efstadal with a total score of 8.44.

Kolgrímur is under Grímur frá Efsat-Seli and Kolskör fran Kolungens Gard 2. Daníel Jónsson showed Kolgrímur.

Hamur frá Hólabaki is the representative of Iceland in the category of 5 year old stallions. He went to a total score of 8.33 at the tournament today which is a considerable decrease since June but then he went to 8.49 and had previously been sentenced in Herning in May and received them overall rating of 8.39.

Hamur is off Hersi from Lambanes and Heiðdís from Hólabaki. Tryggvi Björnson showed Ham on behalf of Iceland.

Below are the results of the day as a whole.

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