Danish can start ordering under Kveik on the first of December! Watch video of Kveik frá Stangarlæk!

It will be possible to start ordering mares from Kveik frá Stangarlæk in Denmark from the first of December next year if everything goes according to plan. This is stated in Gitte Fast Lambertsen’s post on Facebook, but she and her husband Flemming Fast have, as is well known, bought the horse. Gitte says that many people have contacted with congratulations, and many have wanted to order for their mares with the horse today. That is not possible now, she says. The first is to bring him to Denmark and give him peace to recover in his new home. He will be at the Lindholm Hoj horse farm in northern Jutland where there are good facilities. She says she expects that it will be possible to start accepting orders once the forms and agreements that need to be in place when ordering have been completed. Probably the first of December.

It has already been decided that Kveikur will leave the country this year, and now speculation can begin about what awaits him in Denmark. Will it only be used for breeding or will it be used in competition? Will there be a World Championships with the horse? Who will be the coach and rider? These are all questions that are now being discussed in horsemen’s cafes around the country – as well as abroad!

Alendis TV video in collaboration with Hestafréttir

And we’ll have a live broadcast from the Spretts Metamót tomorrow!


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