Alendis Exclusive

Sunday the 20th of September we will broadcast Alendis Exclusive on Alendis TV! It’s a salesshow done in cooperation with and Hestvit. There we will show you well ridden good horses, ready for competition, well judged and/or very good riding horses. They will be shown by some of our best riders and trainers. We are expecting between 20-30 horses and the show will be about two hours long. 

Alendis TV has broadcasted the biggest competitions of 2020 and they are all available on our web and on our apps. Since the competition season is now over in Iceland we have been developing some ideas to be able to show you what goes on in Iceland when we are not competing! With Alendis Exclusive we want to create a new different platform for sales horses to shine. We want to be able to show and connect people from all over the world with the breeders and riders in Iceland and make it easier to find your dreamhorse. Our goal is to host this kind of show once every 4-6 weeks.

On behalf of Alendis TV,

Edda Hrund Hinriksdóttir

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