Interview with Daniel Inga and Berglindi Rosa who live in Sweden

How come you quit your job here in Iceland and moved to Sweden

I was working horses in Sörla and Berglind worked at a kindergarten in Hafnarfjörður when we were offered to rent a horse farm in Småland in Sweden, owned by Hinrik Thor Sigurdsson and Elíasabet Eir Garðarsdótir. We were often talkt abught that it wuld be fun to try something new, go beyond the comfort zone and learn a new language. So we took this offer. The idea was to move for a year, learn Swedish and do something new. Since then it has been 7 years and it does not look like we are on our way home.

When we moved out, it was a great help that Hinrik Thor pointed his old clients at us. We had been competing a lot in Iceland with good resalts. since when we came to Sweden no one knew who we were and we had to start from scratch to make a name for ourselves here in Sweden. The customer is even more pleased than the competition seems to be.

Our journalist contacted the couple Daniel Inga Smárason and Berglindi Rósa Guðmundsdóttir and asked them out in life!

How was starting a business like this one you have today and what is your main source of income? And where is the ranch?

Danni has won gold at the Swedish Championships several times, and the Nordic champion at Blæng frá Árbæjarhjáleigu our first summer in Sweden.

Last summer, Danni won 2 bronze at the World Cup for 250 meters and 100 meters for Hulda from Margaretehofi.

What horses and strongest victories have been won since you went out?

One of the first horses that we got in the early training after we moved was Felix from Änghaga and he has been successful in the competition. He has gone ower 7 severaltimes in the preliminary five gait and many times and has been in the A finals of the SM for four consecutive years. first when he was 6 years old and we hope to reach his fifth season this summer. Danni showed him in breeding showin last fall and he received 8.70 for talent, of which 9.5 for pace. Felix and Danni have the highest A class rating given in Sweden 8.95

Daniel you were allwais in the topp in pass for many yers here in Iceland and that continiued in sweeden!

To day Danni has a great meer in the pass compatition that we own our selfs. Hulda frá Margaretehofi, she is dotter of the famus pass horse Thor från Karlsvik.  Hulda has only reached two competitive seasons and has been in the national team at the World Cup in 2017 and 2019.

In 2018, she received a foal after Mjölni frá Dalbæ, there will be an exciting racehorse mix there.

Danni og hulda has dun best 7,99 in sppedpass!, 7.36 í 100 meter pass and 21.93 in 250 meter pass racing.

Which horses has Berglind been competing for the most?

Our first summer in Sweden, Berglind competed on a great mare, Millu från Ammor. They did well in tölt and got silver at SM 2014. 

After their first season, the youngster bought Jack Eriksson Milla and won a slaughterhouse at the World Cup in Berlin this summer. 

Berglind has been in the A Final of the SM three times with three different horses.  

How do you manage time for all the work wit all the kids?

We can say that what we love most about Iceland is the family, getting help from grandparents when we are e.g. going to tournaments or breeding shows. We are fortunate to have many good friends here who help us and so we have usually had working women who are involved in everything, including attending the kids in school / preschool.

Our oldest boy, Almar Orri, who turns 12 this year, is very fit to care for his little sister

Are the kids starting to ride out and compete?

Almar Orri has only been competing, including twice this winter. He does not have a keen interest in horses at the moment but plays an instrument and is a very good dancer.

Drífa Lind, who turns 5 this year, is very interested in horses, she knows what all the horses here are called and does not find anything more fun than sitting in front of her dad in the woods.

So you do not know with Kolbein Noah’s newest family member whether he is interested in horses.

What about breeding shows this summer? Are you planning to show a lot of horses this summer?

Yes the plan is to show some promising horses in breeding shows this summer. Sometimes they become fewer and sometimes more than you thought during the winter.

Then in the end. Congratulations to the newborn baby! Have you been baptized?

Takk fyrir. Nýjasta barnið fæddist núna 20.mars 2020.


Not sure when we will be able to baptize in this blessed crown virus but it will be called Kolbeinn Noi Danielsson

Hestafrettir wishes Daniel Inga and Berglindi Rosa and family a good exchange in the future.

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