A major change in all horse riding in Germany says Þórður Þorgeirsson

“This is all very strange as you yourself have experienced at home in Iceland! But here all the borders have been closed in neighboring countries with us! Also, all “pensjon” stables have been closed and no one comes as before to have a coffee and go for a ride or to just meet and be together! All elementary schools and kindergartens have been closed and many others, as Icelanders have heard in the news, ”said Thordur Thorgeirsson in Germany when Horseback News hit the wire for him.

“We who are working on” temples “here as is customary to call the horse farms here are still riding out and training, with the hope that there will be something shown by breeding horses and that competitions will be in the summer. But it may not be everything as it was planned for the epidemic! There is inevitably a big change in all horse riding here. I myself have a lot of horses that I continue to train and hope to bring along this summer, but this is having a big impact on everything. – A national tournament with you and a European tournament and all the events! “

As all horsepepul know Þórður is one of our best riders of all time, Þórður Þorgeirsson moved to Germany a few years ago and there he trains and teaches as well as being one of the most popular rider of breeding horses across Europe. Like everyone else, Þórður is struggling with COVID 19 problems that are affecting the entire world. We asked Þórð about the issues.

Enough to do, but how come you are not returning home to Iceland?

“No I am very happy here in Germany with my wife and one year old daughter and life goes well with me here! I will always come home to Iceland and enjoy it when appropriate but now my job and home is in Germany! The main thing is to continue to live life, ”said Thórðr in a short chat with the journalist Horsafreti. We wish him and his family good luck in unusual circumstances. Pictured is Thórðr with his wife Josi and the little daughter Theodóra Ísmey.

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