Eruption near the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

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In light of the National Commissioner of Police’s declaration of the level of civil protection in Reykjanes and the capital area, the Food Administration encourages those responsible for animals in the area to make plans and prepare responses in order to reduce the risk of accidents and suffering to animals.

All animal owners and occupiers of companies with activities with animals, should make plans and prepare responses as much as possible. Everyone needs to think about how he thinks the animals in his care are best served in the circumstances that may arise.

In the event that sheep need to be moved away from the area, it must be borne in mind that due to riding, money may not be moved to other protection compartments, except with the involvement of the Food Administration. The area belongs to Landnámshólfur, which is divided into infected and uninfected areas in terms of scrapie. Within the infected area are the municipalities of Ölfus, Hveragerði and Grímsnes- og Grafningshreppur, but in the uninfected part are the municipalities in Suðurnes and in the capital area. Money may not be transferred from an infected area to an uninfected one. Therefore, financial owners in Reykjanes must try to find a place in the uninfected part of the compartment, to transfer money if necessary. If no option is available within an uninfected area, the Food Administration shall be contacted, which will then assess the available remedies.

One of the things that pet owners need to consider about animals that cannot be moved away is whether others can take care of them if they themselves are not prepared for it or have had to leave them in a hurry. To help rescue teams or other strangers care for the animals, owners should seek to have the following information updated and visible at the location of the animals: