Now is the time to buy good horses for good price from Iceland!

Because of the Coronavirus the Icelandic krona has fallen a lot the last days. Only few days ago one Euro was worth 137 Icelandic kronur (ISK) bot now you can get ca 152 kronur for one Euro! This means now is the perfect time to buy horses from Iceland. A good mare or stallion for competitions can easily cost 10 millions ISK. Few days ago this was about 73.500.- Euros but now only 66.000.- Euros. And a very good horse for the price of 5 millions ISK used to be worth 36.600.- Euros few days ago, but now less than 33.000.-

The Coronavirus will be gone by the spring or summer and then you can have the horse of your dream at home for much better price tahn you thought was possible before!

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