Gangmyllan, Ketilsstaðir/Syðri-Gegnishólar Competition Horse Farm of the Year 2022

The 2022 competition horse farm is Gangmyllan, Ketilsstaðir/Syðri-Gegnishólar but the selection was made just now at the National Association awards ceremony held at the community centre in Fáki. The announcement from the National Union states:

“Horses from Gangmill have this year coloured tournaments in the Icelandic horse world with flying colours. Among the horses that have competed from the farm are national champions in Switzerland and Germany, finalists at Landsmót in different disciplines, and horses in prize places at numerous tournaments around the world. The gangmill, Ketilsstaðir/Syðri-Gegnishólar breed excellent competition horses that are successful in competition in all areas and will be named The Competition Horse Farm of the Year 2022”