German Championships: streaming all 5 days of action LIVE

Hirtenhof near Frankfurt will be the showcase of this year’s German Championships (Deutsche Islandpferde-Meisterschaft / DIM), a 5-day event you won’t want to miss. Join the action live when established and new superstars meet to crown the champions in T1, T2, V1 and F1 plus all pace disciplines PP1, P1, P2 and P3 and the futurity classes for 5- and 6-year-old talents in tölt, four- and five-gait.

You will see current and former World Champions like Glæsir von Gut Wertheim, Gloria frá Skúfslæk, Dynfari frá Steinnesi, Losti frá Ekru, Kóngur frá Lækjamóti, Óðinn vom Habichtswald, Þokki frá Efstu-Grund, Spölur frá Njarðvík, Svaði frá Hólum and Fylkir vom Kranichtal alongside Landsmót Champions like Konsert frá Hofi and Nói frá Stóra-Hofi together with German, Icelandic and Swiss Champions like Byr frá Strandarhjáleigu, Dagur vom Forstwald, Besti frá Upphafi, Gletting vom Kronshof, Ísöld frá Strandarhjáleigu, Salvör vom Lindenhof, Styrla fra Skarstad, Baldi frá Feti, Heljar frá Stóra-Hofi and Ísleifur vom Lipperthof.

Competitions will begin on Wednesday, August 4, and you can get the whole package until Sunday, August 8, for only 49.99 Euros when you book here at Your ticket will include an option to review all the action in the DIM online library where video packages will always be made available in the evening of each competition day already, and this archive will remain active at least until the end of the year.

We hope to welcome you to and then to 5 action-packed days at the German Championships. Thanks for signing in and enjoy the show!