Less than 4 days to go!

The competition season in Iceland starts with a blast, with Fourgait V1 in The Champions League – Meistaradeild Líflands, next thursday, 28th of January. Be ready to expect amazing performances from Icelands best riders. Before and after each Champions League competition, Telma Tómasson will host talk shows where she meets some of our finest horse riding experts to discuss the event of the evening. Mette Moe Mannseth will be Telma’s first guest. Mette is one of our most experienced and known riders. She is the headteacher at Hólar University and we are very thankful and excited to have her with us. 

We are excited to announce Meistaradeildin is now included in our Alendis TV subscription along with 6 other leagues that will be broadcasted on the Alendis platform over the coming months. If you’ve previously watched Meistaradeildin online the same e-mail and password will work on the Alendis TV platform, where you can purchase an Alendis subscription, for €23.99,- a month (cancel any time). 

Get the first 5 events in your calendar: 

28th of January: Meistaradeild Líflands – V1 Fourgait

2nd of February: Southern League – Couple’s freestyle

4th of February: Leisure Riders League – V2 Fourgait

5th of February: Meistaradeild Young Riders – V1 Fourgait

7th of February: Meistaradeild Youth/Juniors – V1 Fourgait

You can find the season schedule at www.alendis.tv 

Champions Lounge:

Get to know the teams and riders of the Meistaradeild Líflands season. This year we are bringing fans closer to the teams by giving them an insight into the preparations for the coming season.

Need to catch up? No worries, find all five episodes for free on Alendis TV, the Alendis TV Facebook page or Alendis TV Instagram.

We are extremely excited for the season ahead. It has been great to allow fans to follow the all competitions that have become popular over the winter in Iceland. With less than a week to go don’t forget to sign up and you’ll never miss an event again.

We can’t wait to get stuck into the season and give you a great experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reply to this e-mail.

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