A great new pair: Konsert and Lisa

We are very happy that Konsert frá Hofi has arrived from Iceland safe and sound. Konsert has already had an amazing history in the land of fire and ice as Landsmót Champion with a perfect 10 for tölt and a record score of 8.88 for ridden abilities that so far hasn’t been accomplished again in the class of 4-year-old stallions. His trainers in Iceland, Agnar Þór Magnússon to get him started including their breakout performance at Landsmót 2014 and Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson as his very successful rider in breeding and sports classes for several years until now, deserve our gratitude for combining their excellent education with his outstanding talent. Now it’s time to open a new chapter …!

Konsert was such a joy to be around in his first few days at Enclavehof already and we are sure that he will now be able to bring this joy to continental breeders as well. He has already been tested with amazing success in a world-renowned lab for reproductive veterinary medicine. So we are very happy that based on its exceptionally good quality we will be able to offer frozen-sperm shipments all over the world starting next spring. Konsert’s many extremely talented and beautiful offspring in Iceland will certainly have a lot of new fabulous siblings in the future. Details on these breeding opportunities and much more about Konsert will be available soon on the website that we are launching this coming weekend: www.konsertfrahofi.com

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