Arion frá Eystra-Fróðholti is dead!

Arion frá Eystra-Fróðholti is dead!


Arion was injured last night, and had to be put down earlier today. He was the highest judged stallion in Iceland with a total score of 8,91. He had 10 for tölt and for slow tempo tölt, and amazingly 9.25 for ridability. Arion was a son of Sær frá Bakkakoti and Gletta frá Samabæ – daughter of Óður frá Brún. 

Ársæll Jónsson was the breeder of Arion and owned him together with his daughter Ragnheiði Hrund. Arion is registrated with 313 offsprings in WF.

Arion was rewarded with honorary prize for offsprings at the Landsmot this year. He also participated in A-Flokk at LM and was number two with 8,85 after the preliminaries, but had to be redrawn from the finals do to an injury. Daniel Jonsson was always showing Arion, also in his last competition Landsmot 2018 !