Spuni fra Vesturkot sold out of Iceland?

Spuni fra Vesturkot sold out of Iceland?


There has been a lot of rumours going around that the famous stallion Spuni fra Vesturkot is sold out of Iceland for a lot of money. Hestafrettir has talked to the owner Hulda Finnsdottir, and she can tell us that the rumours are not true. “Spuni is going to serve mares in Vesturkot next summer, and will not be sold” Hulda says.

Are you going to give Spuna Christmas gift?

“No, but he gets a lot of candy and a lot to eat. Then I hope we can have a nice ride together on Christmas Eve”

Spuni og Hilda Finnsdottir

Spuni is one of the most famous stallions in Iceland with his high judgement , as his many great performans in the competitio track. For example, he won the 5-year group at Landsmót, A-flokk gæðinga at Landsmót, and he is also an Icelandic champion in five-gait. It is Thorarinn Ragnarsson in Vesturkot who has competed on Spuni in both the breedning and sport tournaments. It was also Thórdur Þorgeirsson who showed him at Landsmóti at Vindheimamelum in 2011 when he got 8.92 overall score; for conformation 8.43 and for ridability 9.25.

Spuni has 418 offspring registered in Worldfengur and will probably have many more in the years to come.. Spuni is after Álfasteini from Selfoss and Stelpu from Meðalfelli. The breeder of Spuni is Finnur Ingólfsson, former Minister and Governor of the Central Bank in Iceland, and the owner is Hulda Finnsdóttir.