Icelandic vikings competing in dressage

Icelandic vikings competing in dressage


Gæðingafimi is next up in the Champions league. The winners from last year Ísólfur Líndal Þórisson and Kristófer frá Hjaltastaðahvammi will compete again this year. It will be exciting to see if they will take home the gold again. According to Ísleifur their program will look more or less the same but he added some new exercises like half pass.

Of the five riders who were in the top five last year three will return this year, Árni Björn Pálsson will compete again on Skíma frá Kvistum. This amazing tölt mare placed second in gæðingafimi last year. Eyrún Ýr Pálsdóttir was in fifth place last year and she will compete again this year on Kjarval frá Blönduósi. Kjarval is small but mighty with a lot of experience in competitions.

The competition will start at 19:00 o’clock Icelandic time. If you haven’t still subscribe to the Champions league we recommend you do so through this link  Don’t miss out on seeing Icelandic vikings competing in dressage.