German Wins Five Gait for Young Riders

German Wins Five Gait for Young Riders


Six young riders were in the final, in five gait at the World Championships for Icelandic horses in Herning. Two Danish riders, one German, one Icelandic, one Norwegian, and one Swiss competed for the title of world champion in five gait for young riders. An excited crowd watched as these young riders and their horses did their utmost in the five gaits, tölt, trot, walk, gallop, and pace.

Having won the preliminary round among the young riders, the German winner of the final was in the lead when entering the track; Marvin Heinze impressed by holding on to his position, and ended with a total score of 6.69 points.

The young Icelandic rider, Gústaf Ásgeir Hinrikson and his horse Geisli frá Svanavatni received the second place, whereby he improved his position from the preliminary competition in five gait, and was given a total of 6.59 points by the judges. Third place was won by the Norwegian, Ingrid Marie Larsen riding Dimmey fra Jakobsgården, when she earned a total of 6.40 points.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth position was divided between the Swiss rider Lara Balz riding Trú från Sundäng (6.24 points), the Danish rider Sasha Sommer riding Snar frá Kjartansstödum (5.48), and the Danish rider Kristian Tofte Ambo riding Tónn frá Ólafsbergi (5.36).

More finals are going to be ridden on Saturday, and the great and exciting atmosphere continues at the World championships for Icelandic horses in Herning, Denmark.