Still going strong – the Pace Race

Still going strong – the Pace Race


The Speedpace 100m P2, at the World Championship for Icelandic Horses 2015, was dominated by the older generation of horses and the younger generation of riders. Under a beaming sun the race was kicked off to the roars of an excited audience. Several older horses, as old as 22, took to the pace track with a routine and ease that pleased the audience. The oldest horse that was placed in the ranking was 21 year-old Lótus frá Aldenghoor ridden by Bergþór Eggertsson representing Iceland. They were placed 3rd in the ranking and took home the bronze.

Helmut Bramesfeld representing Germany was very convincing when took the gold. He rode his horse Blöndal vom Störtal from 2001 with the times 7,42 and 7,36. In the second best time was two young riders: Moa Runnqvist on Mökkvi från Åleby representing Sweden and Lara Balz on Trú från Sundäng representing Switzerland both in the time 7,39.

The results of the Speedpace 100m:
Gold: Helmut Bramesfeld representing Germany on Blöndal vom Störtal in the times: 7,42 and 7,36
Silver: Styrmir Árnason representing Iceland on Neysla vom Schloßberg in the times: 7,56 and 7,41
Bronze: Bergþór Eggertsson representing Iceland on Lótus frá Aldenghoor in the times: 7,42 and 7,54

Young Riders:
Gold: Moa Runnqvist representing Sweden on Mökkvi från Åleby in the times: 7,42 and 7,39
Silver: Lara Balz representing Switzerland on Trú från Sundäng in the times: 7,70 and 7,39
Bronze: Annie Ivarsdottir representing Sweden on Prins från Wreta in the times: 0,00 and 7,57


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